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National Compressor Services offers comprehensive solutions for all industrial air compressors at your worksite or in our shop for all major compressors (centrifugal, reciprocating, and rotary) and associated rotating equipment. We also deliver reliable and affordable replacement parts for industrial air compressors, as well as refurbished units and rentals. NCS meets your needs in normal maintenance, planned shutdowns, and emergency situations.

We have locations near Toledo, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; and Houston, Texas to meet your needs wherever they occur.

About NCS

We Cover All Your Needs for Industrial Air Compressors

National Compressor Services delivers quality repair and parts for every industrial air compressor. We provide elite shop and field services on all major industrial air compressors (centrifugal, reciprocating, and rotary) and associated rotating equipment. We also offer replacement parts, refurbished units, and rentals to meet your needs in normal maintenance, planned shutdowns, and emergency situations.

NCS has been working in this field for decades, and together our staff has more than 300 years of experience with compressors and parts. We are specialists in industrial air compressors – from service to repair to refurbishment – and our experts are available 24/7 at our fully equipped facility or at your worksite to solve issues when and where they happen.



Industrial Service Solutions emanates “forceful optimism.”

  • We are a team of self-confident associates who have can-do attitudes and always strive to anticipate, learn, and adapt but are not afraid to act.
  • We recognize and reward the behavioral traits of integrity, character, candor, humor, teamwork, and both individual and joint accountability.
  • ISS culture enables us to offer small-company competitiveness with large-company capabilities and process disciplines.

Small-company competitiveness:

  • Customer-centric biases committed to earning and retaining longstanding relationships of trust
  • High respect for every associate who wears our uniform regardless of title, position, or skillset
  • Quick response, low cost structures, and a personal commitment to delivery of high-quality service

Large-company capabilities:

  • Disciplined processes for associate recruiting, training development and safety best practices, and a comprehensive compensation and benefits plans for talent retention
  • Technical depth for equipment, service applications, and industry certifications; and reinvestment in competitive shops, machinery, and tools
  • A nationwide geographic footprint, a broad set of field, shop, and supply value propositions serving multiple industrial and commercial markets
Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

National Compressor Services provides industrial compressors and parts to multiple industries, from petrochemical to pulp and paper to water/wastewater. We understand downtime impacts production and even people’s lives. Our comprehensive capabilities meet your specific so your shop runs efficiently and effectively.

Oil & Gas: Built on maintenance preparation, special projects, and/or unplanned events, NCS is able to fully lead and execute your compressor work ensuring full compliance with industry safety and quality requirements.
Power Generation: Compressors in power plants need to operate dependably and efficiently around the clock. NCS has helped maintain the industry reliability with equipment installations, equipment rigging, machinery moving, emergency machine repair service, and outage services.
Petrochemical: Chemical, fertilizer and other petrochemical facilities, though similar to the oil and gas industry, are more specialized due to the nature of specific chemical processes and corresponding safety requirements. Compressors are key to this processes and must be maintained to ensure integrity in this vital field.
Pulp & Paper: Mill operational time is critical and shutdowns are extremely tight with limited time to perform required maintenance/servicing. We fully support short-window outages – from 12-36 hours – with parts, technicians, tool trailers, and on-site repair capabilities enabling you to return to service. Our market-focused product and industry specialists deliver on time with a personal guarantee.
Chemical Industry: We understand the rotating and process equipment within your facility is crucial to keep running effectively. NCS has long held expertise in regards to compressors and parts used for this specific industry. When downtime threatens delivery to your key clients, we provide crucial solutions.
Gas Field: Compressors are often located in unattended remote locations. NCS compressors and parts have been excellent solutions over the years for this application. CUB and HBGG compressors are used worldwide with ease of compatibility and ability to handle any forces. Many of our machines have been continuously put to the challenge in this industry for over the past 60-70 years. All 40 standard-sized single or two-staged HBGG, and CUB/SUPERCUB, parts are available for your use.
Tire & Rubber: The production of tire & rubber products in plants/mills relies upon compressors and parts operating under extreme conditions. Uptime is crucial. When the need arises for scheduled machine maintenance, shutdown services, or emergency machine repair, your industrial service provider must be ready to respond immediately. NCS brings the manpower, tools, and equipment to complete whatever task is needed.
Metals Industry: NCS provides compressor repair, maintenance, and on-site field consulting to the metals industry. With over 17 decades in this industry, we bring an incredible wealth of experience and value to your team.


While our ultimate Safety Goal is ZERO injuries and incidents, we strive for continual improvement in our health and safety performance. ISS is actively:

  • Expanding awareness of safety and health management systems to encourage employee involvement in a safe workplace and improve occupational hazard recognition
  • Promoting a proactive culture directed at prevention of incidents with our employees empowered to execute “STOP WORK” authority
  • Developing effective working relationships with our customers, suppliers, and subcontractors that enhance the safety performance on our projects
  • Building cooperative working relationships with government and industry organizations to be in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations

Safety is our 1st operational KPI.

About Industrial Service Solutions


  • To deliver a broad set of comprehensive “cost, quality, and speed” competitive service solutions for critical to process equipment across a diverse set of end-user markets.
  • To serve a wide variety of industries, such as power generation; oil and gas; pulp and paper; chemical and petrochemical; tire and rubber; metals and mining; water and waste water; and other industrial and commercial markets.
  • To offer application expertise in a wide variety of equipment, including valves and actuation; motors and generators; pumps; compressors and coolers; boilers and heat exchangers; mixers and extruders and many other types of industrial equipment.
  • To provide value propositions, such as onsite field services, regionally based shop services, and a broad range of supply services.
  • To serve customers nationwide and outside the U.S. to most customer requests.


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